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Admission to the BBA program of ESLSCA is based upon a combination of academic ability and motivation. All applicants are reviewed without regard to age, color, creed, marital status, national or ethnical origin, race, religion, or sex.

All candidates must hold an American High School Diploma, or its equivalent.

Students seeking to transfer to the BBA program of ESLSCA are required to provide the school with official transcripts of all their course work done after the high school.

Transfer credit is awarded on a course-by-course basis, and according to the internal academic credit transfer policy of the ESLSCA-BBA.


Application Fees (non refundable)
100 Euros
BBA Tuition (per 3 credit course)
600 Euros
IMBA Tuition (for 15 Courses)                                         (possibility of financial aid)    12000 Euros
Student Social Security (per academic year)          211 Euros
Graduation Fees (per program)
130 Euros



Students are responsible for the cost of books, visits (if applicable), and other materials needed for the given courses.


Refund and Exemption from Payment:

Student's withdrawal must be submitted in writing through a registered letter addressed to the director of the BBA program, clearly indicating the reasons for withdrawal, together with justification.

Refund (in case the tuition has already been fully paid for the semester), or excemption from payment (in case the student still owes tuition to the school), is granted according to the following criteria:

Full tuition before the first day of class
50% tuition refund, or exemption, up to the end of the second week of the semester
No refund after the second week of the semester


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